selling xbox 360 advice

    My puppy chewed the controllers on my Xbox 360.

    I have Xbox one at the moment so wish to sell the Xbox 360 but as I said it has no controllers. Is anyone likely to buy it? Where should I sell it and for how much ?



    Of course people will buy it. Xbox 360 consoles only sell daily on eBay

    Just had a look and the console + power lead is going for about £28-£35

    With eBay you have to pay 10% off final selling price as a fee + 3% to PayPal if you get paid by PayPal

    Or you could stick on gumtree. No fees, postage etc but you're likely to get less than eBay even after fees in my experience

    Or you could stick it on here in the FS/ft section!

    Might try and sell mine on gumtree too.

    Although I just purchased gears of war collection and fallout.

    I had an elite 360 with 2 controllers, all the leads and about 5 games plus a stereo headset and in the end all I managed to get was £45.

    If its a slim I'd make you an offer?
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