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Found 5th Aug 2017
ive got 100-200 dvds that I'm pretty confident I'll never use. As I'm moving house it's something I'll be looking to ditch rather than to take with me.

What hat are my options. Music magpie (guessing they pay very little?), can't be arsed with eBay or a car boot. Any other options before I just donate them to a charity shop? I thought about just putting them in case to reduce the space they take up as another option?
Many thanks

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I ended up bunging all mine in one of those charity bags you get through the letterbox - can't remember which charity it was but they took the lot no problem.
Musicmagpie would be your best bet. Fairly acceptable prices from them, however they only buy so many at a time. They have an app
that scans bar codes.
You will probably get 10-20p each from music magpie that's it
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How about advertising on a local Facebook buy/sell page?
Childrens ones take them down the hospital .
I did this fairly recently and ended up taking them down to CEX a box at a time, you don't get much for them, but it was something in my pocket and it was quick.

Something you have to be careful with though - if one of your DVDs isn't on their system and scans up on the till as £0.00 they will still just put it in their pile - get them to give them back to you.
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