Send a Parcel

    I want to send a parcel.

    The item is two boxes, but parcel tape together to make one should cut down on costs a bit.

    The weight is no more than 20KG

    What's the best way, ideally a courier service under £10?


    Fom where to where? UK Mainland??

    [url][/url] - cheapest you will find - anything under 20kg is like 14 quid del, and they collect from your home

    P2G have a very very bad reputation. Have a look on ebays P&P board for many complaints about them.
    I would use P4D and use the 5% discount voucher in the voucher section. That should put a 24 hour delivery down to about £10

    [email protected] are cracking, they are owned and run by DHL and one time I i used them to collect a fridge from scottland it came next day and I only paid for 3 day delievery.

    I have been using them for approx 2 years now and they have been top notch

    They are NOT owned by DHL. They are a parcel re-seller.

    ]http//ww…asp is a wholly owed company of Ltd founded in 1990. The company operates a cost effective collection and delivery service available throughout the UK and USA mainland. Through our various delivery partners we are able to offer high levels of service backed up by our dedicated customer service team, based at head office.

    Have a look at these complaints:-

    You may have been very lucky.

    ah right, fair do's its always dhl vans that pick up and deliever my buts when I use parcel to go

    anyway besides the proint I think they are cracking, but obviously as with all firms some people get the short straw

    I also use Parcel2Go and think they are great too. I either have them picked up by DHL or drop them off at my local DHL office.

    Original Poster

    The parcel is to UK mainland from UK mainland

    Amtrak, £8.50 plus £3.50 insurance, sometimes goes by other names in different areas, but website will tell you, or if you open an account £7

    I used parcel to go twice and on both times they let me down as they did not pick up my parcel as adviced. When I called them they said that it's not guaranteed that they come on the specified day!! And had to chase my refund too. Don't know if things have changed now but after my experience with them I would not use them again

    Original Poster

    Thanks, used Parcel2Go, with the discount code for £1.39 off.

    The courier is going to be DHL.

    Thanks for everyone's input on this one.
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