Send a parcel but not with Parcel2Go

    What is the cheapest carrier to send a parcel 46cmx36cmx19cm at a weight of about 4.5 kg but not with parcel2go


    whats wrong with p2g ???

    i use them and there services is amazing !!

    sign up via quidco and get £2 cash back


    whats wrong with p2g ???i use them and there services is amazing !!sign … whats wrong with p2g ???i use them and there services is amazing !!sign up via quidco and get £2 cash back

    They are always letting Customers down. Have a look at ebays P&P board.

    I have an extensive list of Couriers on my 'me' page:-

    I suspect a moderator will remove that link, but I would recommend
    There is a 5% discount voucher in the voucher section.

    I've used ]Fast Lane Couriers for 2 parcels I had to send abroad over the last couple of weeks, and they have been fine. No problems at all.

    Parcel2go are absolutely terrible.

    I had a parcel scheduled to be picked up yesterday, and nobidy turned up.
    I emailed them to confirm the booking last week, to which they replied that it was fine. After failed collection, rang them, and they said they'd ring me back after looking into it, which they didn't.

    Rang them again, and was told they were amending the website and some customers may have fallen thru the net??? Then was told to cancel the order, and send in a refund email.

    This has happened to me twice in a short space. Their customer service is none existance, email service is pointless, and service horrendous. Avoid Parcel2go like the plague, i will never use them again.

    i must admit, iv had my first problem with P2g !!

    a parcel (Which i sold on here) was ment to be picked up friday and never !!

    phoned them up on monday and they did send some one straight out !! (haha then some come again today !)

    i always use [url][/url], never had a problem and prices are competitive.

    ]http//ww…uk/ those guys are very good they use UPS, get very high recomendations from a few other forums, i have used them a few times too.
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