Send texts from mobile to mobile for a fraction of the cost

    Phil Jones, 37, from the tiny Suffolk Village of St James South Elmham came
    up with the idea, called Tex2, in November of last year, during the long
    sleepless nights caused by his new born son Daniel. When he tried it amongst
    his mates they immediately gave it the thumbs up.

    Tex2 needs both texters to download a tiny programme installed on their
    phone much like a ringtone or game --- this is easily downloaded, free, from
    the website along with comprehensive instructions. Messages
    are then sent from phone to phone across the Internet, for fractions of a
    penny, rather than being routed through the networks' text messaging routes
    at up to 12p a go.

    Says Phil "Our vision is to create a community that's able to communicate
    via their mobile for just the cost of the data. That means text messages
    can, in future, cost fractions of a pence rather than up to 12p which the
    networks charge for SMS."

    He adds, "I pledge Tex2 will remain free. Like Skype, we're harnessing the
    power of the internet to let people communicate, virtually free of charge.
    But we're allowing them to do so simply, wherever they are, without a PC by
    using something they always have with them. Their mobile phone."

    "We can afford to do this because we have very low overheads and no greedy
    shareholders to satisfy. Tex2 shows there really is such a thing as a free

    Tex2 can be downloaded from . There's no sign up, no money
    will change hands, there are no strings attached and very few terms and
    conditions apply!


    anyone tried this? whats the difference between this and any of the other instant messaging services out there?

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    I think it actually sends text messages, but they are just sent over WAP...

    text messages over wap sounds just like instant messaging to me, eg msn, aim, icq etc...
    i would suggest people use an instant messaging client that can talk to each of the main services eg msn, aim etc, rather than going for a "non standard" service such as this, as that will let u send messages to people at their computers as well as on their phones.

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    It actually comes through like a proper text message though. You can be anywhere in the world and you don't have to be on your WAP to read it.

    If you are in the same room as people and have a more expensive one of the bluetooth phones then you can actually send text messages to people within 10 metres using bluetooth for free, but only on some phones...

    Sounds like a wap service to me ducky not a standard texting one...?
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