Posted 10th Oct 2007

Let me explain my problem, and see if any of you clever people can suggest a solution: -

I've recently moved into a (recently built) three storey house. We really want a TV in the kitchen, but there's no aerial point.

We've had a splitter installed in the loft and this takes the aerial signal, and output from Sky, and sends them to anywhere in the house that's got an aerial.

The chap that fitted the splitter etc said it wasn't possible to add a aerial point in such houses, as there's no cavity access from the loft down to the ground floor. His suggestion was to use a tv transmitter / receiver. Whilst this works 'ok', the input is connected to the scart output of the sky box. Therefore, we could only watch sky channels in the kitchen etc.

What I'd really like to do is to watch any channel in the kitchen, and not tie up the sky box when I want to watch BBC / ITV in there.

So, does anyone know of a way of getting new aerial sockets points in such houses?

Alternatively, does anyone know of any fancy kit that would say send the entire aerial reception around the house wirelessly, rather than just a single tv channel? The current transmitter / receiver kit only has a scart input, there's no co-ax.

Thanks in advance,
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