Sending camera back with Battery. DPD X-Rayed and refused to process the package, how to avoid?

Posted 2nd Oct 2019
3303738.jpgI was disputing eGlobalCentral over damaged and refurbished product I've received in battered box without manuals etc. Paypal required me to send the item back to HongKong, got the address.
Purchased label on Parcel2Go with International DPD expedited service.
Packed exactly the same way like it was when received it, extra padding, double walled box, battery depleted to absolute zero %.
- DPD X-Rayed the parcel, refused from further processing.
Parcel is now in Parcel2Go's HQ and will be shipped back to me.

Question: How I can fairly and securely send the item back to eGlobalCentral the way it's expected by the seller and PayPal. Because if eGlobalCentral will report that they have incomplete set - PayPal will eventually cut the part of the refund.

Called DPD, no matter whether you have sticker, special marking etc on the box, if X-Ray will detect battery inside the box - parcel will be excluded from further processing within DPD network.
Only certain businesses are allowed to send the item overseas with batteries in packagimg, individuals are not.

How I can avoid all this, does anyone have any experience in such situations?
PayPal made it clear, if I won't be able to return the product, I won't get the refund.

Special Pouches for batteries etc are also out of the question. DPD will detect the battery nevertheless making same call as they did before.

Thanks in advance.
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