sending cash abroad

    I need to pay a holiday deposit to a Spanish bank in euros. What is the cheapest option for doing this? Thanks


    Bank transfer

    No good if you need to do it immediately but best way would be to use the Barclaycard travel care. A CC that charges no fees at all and gives you the bank rate until some time in 2018. Got mine through TCB and got £25. Currently best card for spending abroad as well (ATM and charge)

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    A method that ensures you have insurance on the payment should the company go bust between now and you finishing your holiday.

    I have successfully used recently - very good service and excellent customer service communication.

    I'd suggest that it's worth checking to see if it meets your requirements.

    Sounds dodgy to me.
    Why are you sending cash?
    Why do they not accept card payments?

    Please be careful I did a bank transfer for a villa, it was a scam, I've booked holidays for years and everything looked legit, watched a TV programme 2 days after I'd sent money about the dangers of doing so, found out the villa was not booked for our party of 10 inc 4 children. The only good thing was we found out a few weeks before we landed at the airport & could find another villa.
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    Caxton, I have a currency card and they also offer a free money transfer service. I pay for campsite deposits this way because they don't accept credit cards. Have a look into it.

    I use Ebury for my transfers, you do need a business though..

    Go to your bank and request a SEPA payment to the nominated account. This transfer system became available about a month ago and costs £9.
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