Sending euros to Republic of Ireland

Found 18th Jan 2012
My partner and I are hoping to go to Ireland for a week this summer and we're hiring a cottage. So we need to pay the 100€ deposit and then eventually the full amount. They don't accept PayPal, so how on earth do I send it to them?

Not keen on cash since its not overly secure. Can I send a cheque or bank transfer, if so how much will my bank charge? Between us we cover most banks, Santander, RBS, natwest, Barclays.

Anyone have any experience? Any ideas. Would a postal order or travellers cheque work?? Thanks!!
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send by royal mail special post id say , its always sure to get there as its so highly insured
There was a similar thread a week ago where I put some example costs and suggestions on. Rather than just repost it all the link is here and you may find it helpful.…867

Do you know if they accept debit/credit cards? For the 100 euro deposit it would usually cost around 2.75% plus £1.50 or there abouts depending on the card but its cheaper for the smaller amount. As for the larger amount when you come to pay the full balance, the bank transfer would probably work out cheaper overall due to exchange rate differences etc.
We are in the same boat but they let us send a sterling cheque, when it's cashed they will deduct at whatever the banks exchange rate is and deduct that from the tidal, rest to be paid in cash on arrival, could they do the same?
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