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Found 28th Jan
Hi there,

to those in the know with the rules and regulations.
I am looking to invest some money possibly say in Asia. My question is how much am I allowed to send over in the same financial year? I have paid taxes on the savings etc.

is there a limit on how much funds can be sent over?
Im new to this and trying to be careful with my money.

Thank You.
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If it's to do with an Asian princess, walk away.
dataload9 m ago

If it's to do with an Asian princess, walk away.

As far as i am aware, there is no restriction on how much money you can send abroad if you can demonstrate that the money comes from declared earnings because the tax man and customs will be alerted when you send a large amount overseas.

You will have to pay tax in the uk from earnings made from investment abroad, including capital gains tax.

Some countries will have limit on how much foreign nationals can invest or whether foreign nationals are allowed to buy property.
lamboo11 h, 50 m ago


Be careful with property, many Asian countries don’t allow ownership of property by foreign nationals. If you giving money to someone else to buy something that you will use but they will buy in your name there is nothing to stop them saying it’s theirs and you’ve lost your money and the governments won’t help you as your not allowed to own it. It’s happened to lots of people.
What country and how much are you thinking of investing

Land is safer than a house
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