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Found 24th Feb 2011
I am considering selling some my games that i have finished on here and am wondering how the postage will work, would love some advice for someone who has done this before. How much would it cost to send the standard xbox game? And what kind of package would i need to be looking at for using?



Bubble envelope. Send 1st class recorded - will be about £1.85

1st class large letter for a game is 96p.

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Ah thanks for the info! I will probably trade them in to cex as i will end up getting more after postage


1st class large letter for a game is 96p.

this.and get proof of postage...that covers you if you need to claim from royal mail if package not recieved..

Sending a game by 1st class recorded is 1.70, make sure it doesnt have to much bubble wrap on or you will be charged for a packet rather then large letter.
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