Sending laptop to Italy?

    A good mate's laptop has stopped working and I'm lending them an old laptop (still worth £120 or so?). This does mean having to send it over to Italy. Have not really done much shipping to the EU myself. They're in Pedemonte / Vicenza. Apparently the courier services there aren't great in Italy generally (worried about hefty return fee if they can't deliver). From a quick google - I found that generally in Italy - UPS, TNT, BRT, SDA are quite reliable - would be grateful if someone could share some experience.

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    Ups everytime

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    Ups everytime

    Found a few 3rd party parcel comparison websites that offers UPS - but the insurance against loss/damage is provided by the 3rd parties (doesn't cover the screen) but does cover laptops. Hum this insurance thing is ...
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    easier to send money
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