Sending money to Serbia - safest way?

Found 7th Aug 2008
Hi, I need to send $250 (or GBP equivalent) to Serbia. I'm wary of using something like Western Union as I've heard that using them to pay people you don't know is dodgy.

Are there any other safer ways?

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You can send by paypal but sending money to someone you dont know is dodgy no matter how you send it,
Sorry I should have said - they don't allow (or have, not sure) Paypal in Serbia.
Paypal is on the internet, as long as they have an internet connection they will be able to use it.

The safest way is to get your bank to authorise a payment into their bank account. They most insured way is to use something like Western Union.
hi mate. yeah we dont have paypal in serbia yet! maybe soon.
never used but if u wanna use internet i think you can use Ikobo.
no idea if there any good.
hope this helps.

why exactly are u sending it if u dont mind me asking :)?
and here is a direct link to the serbia part…tml

again cant vouch for em. check em out and have a look see.
Thanks Mclovin, I came across them when Googling.

Can anyone tell me why sending money by Western Union or maybe ikobo is not secure?
well why are u sending it and to whom?
Use Moneybookers-the best,low commision,fast transfer.
or in cash convertors?
Get one of them pre paid debit cards, send it over and when they get it whack the money on there for them.
Not sure how high fees are though..but there are quaite a few to choose froom so have a shop around.
Hopes it ain't a Russian bride
Gonna try and use Moneybookers, although it looks like the poor chap will have to do a bank transfer at his end. Ah well.

Thanks all. As for what the money is for, well it's a lot more boring than a Russian bride. (although, last time I looked Russia was some way away from Serbia!)
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