Sending off for my provisional

Found 4th Aug 2009
When you apply for one do you have to send your full birth certifcate with it
or can you send the small one if it has your full name on and stuff like that

The booklet things not very clear, it dosent say you need your full one
just aslong as it has your full name and country on
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I am guessing you are talking about a driving licence, but you actually havent stated this.
You can use the "SHORT" birth certificate (as its called), some people only have these, not a full one with me.
I have no problems.
Actually my wife too.
I never had a full birth certificate and managed to get a provision driving licence but that was over 10yrs ago now lol.
hey do it online
i did

they take your passport details
had mine in 3 days
I cant do it online, i dont have a passport

I can fill the forms in online and stuff but id still have to mail them a picture
i done mine with my passport, pasport has my first name as james and driving licence says jamie
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