Sending SMS abroad with VODAFONE??

    Hi Guys,
    A friend is currently on holiday in Turkey.
    I would like to text her while she is away but im not sure if/how much ill be charged for it?
    I'm on pay monthly contract (18 months 600 mins anytime Unlimited txt's free internet)
    So do i get charged? if so how much?
    the website seems to cover how much it is to send a txt back home from abroad but doesnt clearly state how much to send and if its included in your price plan for unlimited txt's

    Thanks ALOT for any info


    You wont get charged anything more than what it would cost you here. So would come out any text packages you have.

    But for her to send you a text, I believe its 35p for her. Free to receive eitherway.

    You will be charged your normal rate...
    She will be charged any increase in price for being abroad.

    I get charged 20p for every one I send my bro in USA, by Vodafone.


    I get charged 20p for every one I send my bro in USA, by Vodafone.

    Thats because you are texting a USA phone number... The OP is talking (I think) about sending a text to a UK number, who has taken their phone abroad.


    2p per text via fishtext if you have an internet connection on your phone

    Check here…t-c
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