Sending used MacBook Pro to the USA as a gift

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It's a gift and the person doesn't know.

In it's used state (it's got a couple of chips on the side) I'd say it's worth £1K.

Will the recipient be hot with any charges and can I send it via courier? Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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Send it without accurate declaration and tracking, anything goes wrong you're either out of pocket or worse. If you send via dhl or any reliable courier such as UPS. I believe they charge a fee. However, I'm not to sure.
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like Ka11ran said, you'll have to declare its full value for insurance purposes, therefore meaning import tax will be due

Not sure about the USA but if you get stuff imported to the UK under warranty/repairs, it's normally let through as customs assume it has already been imported before. I found this out as a few AliExpress sellers do this on the customs form with electronics I've purchased from China.
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