sending wireless cable/blu-ray player signals?

    im thinking about mounting up my 40' tele in the corner of my room... but leaving the cable box and additional boxes exactly where they are.. is it possible to do all this and send the signals for example wirelessly??


    You want to send blu ray signals wirelessly?

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    well i would like to know if its possible to leave the player in one place and the television in another...

    There are devices on the market that will allow Blu Ray and other HDCP encrypted HD signals to be sent wirelessly. One example is the Marmitek GigaVideo HDMI sender - take a look at YouTube demonstrations. Unfortunately, the signal used are not ratified by any technological body and what this means is that if and when hi definition wireless is standardised, the equipment will not be compatible with the standards.

    Existing 802.11n has sufficient bandwidth to send a Blu Ray signal wirelessly. Remember that Blu Ray is compressed so although a non-compressed 1080P signal requires extremely high bandwidths, the Blu Ray signal is compressed to such a degree that it can be sent via 802.11n. You would need a client connected to your TV (a small computer capable of decoding Blu Ray will do). You will also need a Blu Ray drive connected to a NAS server. The client computer can play Blu Ray over 802.11n network using iSCSI, as long as the NAS server supports the iSCSI service. The costs involved is less than that of the Marmitek GigaVideo solution (if you already own the PC) but it does require more work to set up. Also, when using the client PC, you may not receive the HD sound from Blu Ray since some graphics chips do not process Dolby True HD or DTS Master used in Blu Ray and will downgrade the signal to Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1. The reason is many graphics chip do not support PAP (which is a protection for digital audio like HDCP is for digital video). If this is important, you will need a PC with a graphics chip such as ATI 46xx series or higher.
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