Sennheiser cx300 from amazon

I bought some cx300 from amazon and they are my second pair i have brought from amazon. The first pair I got can in bomb proof style packaging and was a ****** to open. The second pair were a lot easier to open the back just came of . They were sold by but i'm just a bit woried as to why the packaging was so flimsy and if they could be fakes. I have tried them out and they sound good (nice bass).


Hi Zinger549,

I've had a similar experience. The tough packaging ones came via Amazon and the easy-removable-back packaging ones were bought from an Ebay seller. I think the tough to open ones are authentic, but I am unsure of the authenticity of the easy to open ones.

A close look at the ear peice should tell if they are fakes. Things to look out for are there being a small gap between the rubber ear piece and the fixed ear piece and the presence of glue that should have been removed.

If your easy to open ones seem similar to what I've just described, they may be fake.

Although, my questionable ones work fine and I have no complaints to make about the quality of the sound I get from them.

It is also possible that the possible fakes were made at the same factory and instead of being binned because of these imperfections, someone (or Sennheiser - but don't quote me on that) is packaging them and selling them anyway.

I hope this is helpful :thumbsup:

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They look genuine and were bought from amazon. It's just the packaging was very easy to open. They were sold by not a markepalce seller so i'm pretty sure they are real.

sounds good, perhaps Amazon have simply changed packaging

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The packaging looks the same as the one on the left here…pdf.

Mine took about 5 minutes and a large pair of scissors to open, I should hope they were the real thing after that struggle
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