Sennheiser CX300 or CX400

Found 3rd Mar 2009
Which ones should i get? I can get the CX300's for £12.50 from playtrade and the CX400's for £20 from playtrade. Does anyone know which is better because there's mixed reviews over which one's better even though the CX400 is supposed to be an upgrade. Thanks.
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The reason people often rate the CX300s more highly than the CX400 and CX500 is personal taste. The cx300 are very bass heavy. This suits some people, who then try the cx400s and don't like them as they have a more balanced sound. I have listened to all three and bought the CX500s as they have a nice balanced sound and are an upgrade over the CX400s.

If all you want is thumping bass, then the CX300s are a good buy. If you can appreciate a clearer, more delicate composition, without such overpowering bass, then the cx400/500s are a superior headphone.
well i don't have enough money for the cx500's so i can't get them! But i do listen to music with bass like hip hop and R &B so then the cx300's would be good, but then i also listen to other types of music which have little bass, e.g. Pop Rock, Orchestral and other types as well, so i don't know which one to get!!!!!!!
I got CX-95, good so far.
^too much money for them, i don't really want to spend more than £20
I paid £40 for mine, but they're discontinued now.
^ yea so which ones do people prefer, i want to hear some opinions people, CX300 or CX400????
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I was thinking of getting CX300 but tempted by the Sony one posted here.
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