Sennheiser X320 XBOX 360 headphones help. No sound.

Found 27th Dec 2013
hi I bought the Sennheiser X 320 headphones a while back from a deal on here.

I have tried setting them up for my son over Christmas and I can't get any sound out of them for the game. I can here noise when I turn the chat volume up so I think that works but nothing for the game volume.

it is an old white xbox connected via hdmi cable, I have the the white and read phono cables connected to the audio in on the TV (the one where it has red, white and yellow).
the usb is plugged in to the front of the xbox and the other wire goes into the wireless controller. everything is how it should be according to the instructions.

I only get sound out of the TV and not the headphones.

help please
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I think you need to go to settings in your TV and change the audio output to either "external speakers" or "headphones" or perhaps you could just plug the headphones direct in to the TV...
tried turning the options to external speaker and that did nothing either. no option for headphones. no way of plugging them straight into the TV as they are powered via usb from the xbox.

thanks for the reply though.
The xbox 360 does not afaik output audio over USB.
You have a USB lead going to the xbox. This is power only.
You have a cable going to e controller. This provides chat from the headset.
Looking at images for the headset that have audio red / white splitters.
Assuming you have phono audio coming out of your xbox to your tv red / white unplug these from the tv.
The red and white cables supplied with your headset have a femal to male, plug the corresponding red white coming from the xbox into the headset connectors then the whole plug into the tv.

This should sort it out
just realised my TV has audio in and not audio out so looks like I need an adapter
From what I can see of the pictures of your headset the left and right phono connections are inline connectors. They are adapters.
as my TV does not have audio out there is no way of plugging the headphones in and getting sound. I need to get a wire that goes into the back of the xbox and connects to the AV socket. the other end then has the red and white audio connectors for the headphones to connect too.

I have ordered this so fingers crossed it solves the problem.
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