Sensitive Teeth - HELP ME!

    I have NEVER had sensitive teeth before, but for the past few weeks they are hurting me, more or less ALL the time. I can't work out why. It gets much worse with cold drinks, so obviously I've been avoiding those, and using drinking straws. It's got to the point now where I'm holding my jaw in my hands as it all hurts so much, and speaking/smiling very little as every movement seems to hurt. I'm getting pretty miserable with it.

    I KNOW I should go to the dentist, but I have a VERY serious fear there, although I do manage to go every 6 months. My dentist is very helpful and makes sure I am always in and out as it were. Just the thought of it now makes me feel ill.

    Is there anything I can try before I have to resort to the dentist? I've changed toothpaste to a more expensive 'sensitive' one, but so far no change. What will the dentist be able to do - if anything. Could I try going to the doctors instead?

    Sorry for the long post, but this is really making me miserable!



    Dentist time?

    I have found my teeth can be sensitive if something is missing from my diet.

    Throbbing teeth and/or pain on the otherhand can be the sign of an infection

    another one for sensodyne here. Plus a sensitive mouth wash



    u will find a difference real quick using that.

    Phone and ask the dentist ?

    dentists don't waste your time and money get a bottle of scotch that will numb the pain

    You're just going to have to bite the bullet and visit your dentist. Careful though, as it might hurt your sensitive teeth.

    With regards to the toothpaste, don't you have to have been using it for a prolonged period of time before you notice a difference? Using it for a short period, i.e. a week probably won't make any difference. I could be wrong though.

    If you're worried about having to have surgery, then explain the situation to your dentist, let them have a look and ask if there are possible alternatives. The truth is, if there is something that needs correcting and you do have to have surgery, the pain is going to be slight compared to being in agony every time you have a cold drink.

    Fluorigard mouthwash. Its around £4 a bottle but is excellent for sensitive teeth.




    Bicarbonate of soda.

    I guess you already use Sensodyne Penny. I also have sensitive teeth & use Sensodyne iso active multi foaming gel. It's absolutely brill. Expensive but try it & see what you think

    I feel for ya, I am having the same issue... after eating a plate of pineapple and ice cream on holiday my teeth have been giving me hell... I have tried three different toothpastes and two different mouthwashes and they have made no difference. I even paid out for a kit strengthen enamel and that was another £9 up the chute.
    Off to the dentist tomorrow but I wish I knew what caused it suddenly..

    You might think I'm mad but could it be your sinus? That can feel like tooth ache. Hope it's sorted soon. Poor you.

    Original Poster


    You might think I'm mad but could it be your sinus? That can feel like … You might think I'm mad but could it be your sinus? That can feel like tooth ache. Hope it's sorted soon. Poor you.

    No I don't think you're mad. I had thought about it. I had the nasty piggy flu a couple of weeks back, and may still have an ear infection... I know it's all connected magically somehow, but it's getting me so miserable I'll try anything! (Especially to avoid going to the evil dentist!)

    Hi I had the same thing a few weeks ago I had really painful sensitive teeth and thought I might need treatment etc, I went to my dentist and he examined my teeth any said that this very cold weather is affecting lots of people at the moment and there was nothing wrong with my teeth. He also said to not use any bleaching/whitening toothpastes or treatments as this can give you sensitive teeth. I have since stopped using things like pearl drops etc and my teeth have gone back to normal.
    I would still go to the dentist though to check (if you can pluck up the courage)
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