Sent a letter day before yesterday at about 2:30pm by 1st class and hasn't arrived yet?

    When I send something first class it's usually there the next day?

    I've had things lost in the post with royal mail now on several occasions so i'm just worried.


    Post seems poor at the moment. I have ordered stuff from Amazon, Play etc. and they seem slower to despatch and then things are taking an age once they are in the post.

    they have lost it

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    Should've just sent it special deliv or something...i hope it [email protected]*#!n turns up tomorrow.

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    Fingers crossed, it probably will

    Everythings crossed! xD

    dont know where you live, and this is in defence of the posty not royal mail,
    but our area has nearly caught up with the backlog of letters, but still been hammered with the backlog of junk mail, proper mail gets left in undelivered for a day or 2,
    plus the jobs changing in most areas where 2 postys share a van and do 2 1/2 + large parcels usually delivered separate ,
    unless these 2 want to do o/t or if they will get paid the o/t the mail gets left.
    things are bad now and might not improve and privatization looms.
    theory is that they run the service down so when then they do privatize RM it will feel it cant be any worse....meanwhile we are all thieving lazy scum....btw, i'm still waiting on a parcel from 12/12...lazy robbing **** ;-)

    I am waiting on something from Amazon (posted a week ago 1st class) and also AA cards posted before xmas

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    ...did not turn up.

    Whenever I post a letter I count it's successful delivery as a bonus.

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    Whenever I post a letter I count it's successful delivery as a bonus.

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