sent a pc via ez delivery pc dead on arrival. what do i do now.

sent a pc via ez delivery was picked up yesterday and its now dead on arrival today
nothing boots up it shows power to the board and cpu fan spins and does not beep.

tried to get them to remove graphics card and there still was no beeping at all

any one got any other suggestiosn.


THey are tring to use the graphics card as display adaptor arent they? sounds daft but as experienced with pc's and building them as I amI once spent a good half hour head scratching as why mine wouldnt work after relocating it until I realised I'd connected to onboard graphics rather than the graphics card:oops:
have they tried onboard graphics?
all cables connected firmly?

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pcie mate only one graphics. it does not post

I would get them to take out anything easily unseated, whip out the ram etc and then boot it up one stick at a time.

yer this is a hard one, something similar has happened to me.

you need to make sure everything is connected. as long as you know the machine was working when it left you, there should not be an issue. I would get on to the ez people and make sure they know asap so if you need to claim damage you can.

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any one else got any suggestions



pcie mate only one graphics. it does not post


nothing boots up it shows power to the board and cpu fan spins and does … nothing boots up it shows power to the board and cpu fan spins and does not beep.

Lack of beeping could mean an issue with the CPU.

Another one which may be obvious, have they tried a different monitor?

remove the cmos battery when unplugged and replace it may help, came across that a few times

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monitor was workign when she sent the pc up to me to fix and rehouse.and she get no single input and it goes to sleep

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=it was working on tuesday before it got sent down on wed

and i got the post beeps and everything

is a bit worrying that it doesnt beep at all now

power supply connections to motherboard have come loose or the RAM needs taking out and putting back in? just suggestions

So you sent it yesterday and it got delivered back to you today? Shouldn't it be getting delivered to whoever you sent it to today?

Anyway, would try different monitor and gfx cards, should be able to get spares fairly easily. Make sure monitor is powered on. Try to make it beep by taking the ram out.

Ask them to remove the memory and see if it beeps. It should definitely beep when the memory is removed.

See if the PSU is in properly - happened when I sent a dell pc to mackenzie.


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i built the pc and sent it to my sister in law and came on here for help to see if she can give it before shes got to take it to the pc shop or sent it back to me, she harld knows anything about computers

Yeah, it is a shame. I guess she will have to take it to a local PC Shop or techy person. Problems like this usually do not have an obvious solution, although it should be a pretty quick fix it's just finding what the problem is. Without some technical knowledge though its hard to check the right plugs and hardware for flush fittings because you don't know what they are.

You could possibly find someone on this forum to help if they live close by to your sister-in-law. Its worth a shot as it could be a lot cheaper than taking it to a rip-off merchant.

Does she have a camera? Get her to take a couple of pics of inside the case to see if there are any cables that have slipped etc. (Of course she'll need a PC to send them :giggle:)

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mobile phone but don know how clear thy will be
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