sentences of wisdom

    here you can post anything that impressed you - a sentence, some words of wisdom :thumbsup:


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    I'll start with something that I like a lot.

    [COLOR="Magenta"]"The chase is better than the catch!" [/COLOR]

    it's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all!

    A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand

    "If the enemy are within range, then so are you"

    the boss is always right!

    [COLOR="Blue"]Attack life - it is going to kill you anyway!![/COLOR]

    Dont miss the silver lining because you spend all of your time looking for the gold

    [COLOR="Blue"]To secure piece is to prepare for war![/COLOR]

    If you can,t be good, be good at it!


    If you've nowt nice to say ...say nowt

    if you can't be good,be careful.if you can't be careful buy a pram!:w00t:

    Its a case of mind over matter - I dont mind because you dont matter

    if you put a cat in the oven, it doesnt make it a biscut
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