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Found 21st May 2007
Am thinking of getting card protection from Sentinel. They offer £20 for one year or £50 for 3 years.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get this cheaper or if there are any other alternatives from other companies.

I searched google groups and apparantly if you renew then you may get offered it cheaper I want to be armed with this information before I call.


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Lloyds bank platinum account is one route
The standard monthly fee for a Platinum account is £15 (although it does come with other benefits).

More details for those who are interested are here:
I used to work for CPP. They are basically the same as Sentinel. You won't get any special offers, but from what I can recall it was best value (for 1 person) if you joined through M&Ss card protection scheme {may have changed but was £15/£35 for 1 person only, whereas most policies are household based}. Sentinel and CPP are the only providers of this service, things like banks use either CPP or Sentinel on their inclusive card protection schemes.

If you do join, register everyone at your address - upto five people are covered on one policy (with CPP, think its the same with Sentinel). Register your passport numbers & driving license numbers - you are covered the costs of gaining an emergency replacement if lost abroad (not a proper passport replacement though, but still a worthwhile bonus). The schemes are only really worthwhile IMO if you take full advantage of them - its the additional extras they provide (such as lost key replacement, emergency money transfer when abroad, calls to police and insurers refunded) that make them worthwhile. Worth registering store reward cards also (if you use them a regularly). Best benefit really was wallet replacement - if your wallet or handbag or briefcase etc was nicked you get £100 of cover minus £25 excess, very few people claimed from what I gather but if you do happen to get you wallet nicked make sure you buy an expensive £125 jobbie to replace it ;-). Also they are very useful policies if you are planning to move house as they will inform all your card issuers of the change of address and feedback to you if there are any problems. From my experience of working there, the whole claims process actual works quite well and is very efficient, and a well setup policy used to its fullest is probably worth the money.

Be warned, these companies are unique for insurers in the sense your policy is automatically renewed and they collect EVERY year unless you cancel your policy and obviously the staff are paid generous bonuses for customer retention and particularly DD sales (hated the job myself, far too bonus and target driven but then this line of work is). Also, they have a list of your cards, and it is in the T&C that they can recollect from any card if the nominated card is no longer valid. Much of my time was spend speaking to customers who had either multiple accounts (complete unneccessary but they are entitled to full refund for up to 5 years of duplicate policies life) or accounts which they had no idea what they were, very often on store cards.

Also, from what I recall, you wouldn't get any extra discounts, policy was to retain customers by listing the additional benefits in the hope of finding one the customer really likes.
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