Separate Washer and Tumble Dryer- or Integrated?

Found 4th Feb
Space is always a premium, but has technology moved on enough to buy an integrated washer dryer? Thanks
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Yes I have a built in washer dryer. Makes things a lot easier. Put on a wash then add how many drying minutes then it’s all done for you. They are pricey but well worth it
I wouldn't bother unless you are that short of space. Some things cannot be tumbled do you need to fish them out.
Ive always had a washer/dryer, I would say the average lifespan is shorter than seperate machines , in my experience 5/7 years is the most I get out of them . However we are a busy family of 4 , so I probably do an average of 9 washes a week. I still hang my washing outside in warmer months rather than using the dryer but at this time of year it's used daily for drying too. Wouldn't be without it as said above you just set it up to wash and dry and everything is done ready to be ironed before I head off to work without swapping it between machines.
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100% separate, You could be washing your second cycle whilst drying your first. Also separates are more economical, They also last longer, Usually perform better, especially the drier which also dries clothes much faster etc.

Also if one goes faulty you have only got to replace one etc.. Yes initial outlay maybe more and take more space but defo worth it.

It's still very common for the dry cycle to pack up on any washer dryer regardless of make.

No technology hasn't progressed enough, They pretty much work the same way as they've always worked baring the wash cycle using less water and being more energy efficient.

Bare in mind you can stick a condenser/Heat pump drier virtually anywhere!.
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I'd always go for separate, purely because you can be washing and drying at the same time. Also, if one breaks you still have the other one. The only way I'd consider integrated is if space was a really at a premium
I am in rented for a few months and it has washer dryer, absolutely awful. At home I have separate washer and dryer, would never change. I have used my own this weekend and it is so effective. If you have the space please go for separate.
separate always,even tho i have a washer/dryer its purely based on space for me .the dryer is nowhere near as good
+1 for seperate
Separate or replace the dryer with a dessecant dehumidifier works out cheaper and u get more functions out of it plus clothes stay better quality longer as they aren't heated to such high temperatures plus these days a good washing machine the clothes come out almost dry anyway just put them on a airer at night and they are dry the next day anyway even if u don't use a dryer or dehumidifier
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I prefer the washer and dryer separate but for the last couple of years I’ve not used a dryer and I’ve hung them over an airer in the bathroom with a dehumidifier and it’s so much better for the clothes and is probably cheaper on electric too!
no, it has not. combi's are still rubbish
I only ever bought 1 integrated, it lasted 2year if that. Never again.
Currently have a trusty 5yr old Daewoo washing machine which gets hammered with 10-13 washes per week.
And a 5yr old beko sensor drier which turns off when clothes dry. Which is noisy at times, with a grinding noise, but still going. Dries 10-13 times a week.
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