server or nas

    not sure on this but looking for something i can run on the pcs to back up data andd stream data off it

    ie my partner has drives that have constant data that he needs to back up and has lost it serveral times due to hard failure

    So here is my pcs

    2x windows 7 wired / wifi
    2x imac wifi / wired
    windows 7 laptop wifi
    windows xp netbook wifi
    ubuntu laptop wifi

    have netgear router on sky with modded firmware and then its connected to the apple airport extreme.

    printer is wifi

    how would i network all these together to see or back up data to one place ???


    If your current devices are used as working machines, then I would suggest a nas box with redundant drives set to a raid 1 configuration.

    IMO the easiest solution would be to buy a nas and then either run back-up software on all the clients or just set them all to save directly to the NAS for their data (with raid setup for redundancy as mentioned above).

    If you have time and money, you could get a server and put either a linux build on it or if you have the fininaces, Windows Home Server, which I'm told is an excellent solution...

    I built a pc that runs Windows home server for about 110 pounds (excluding hard drives) which works really well.

    Original Poster

    i did look at the proliant one on here for 120 and what else would i need

    how would it connect to the router
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