Servicing my own car

    I have been thinking of doing this for a while and i know the basics such as changing a tyre and changing all the fluids and fuses, yeh its not much but i have some experience.

    I was just wondering what tools will i need to use most? Can anyone recommend me a tool kit which is under £20 that includes most tools that can do the job?


    Had a look on but couldnt find said set.

    Ta. rep will be given for good help


    you may need a sump plug removal tool to remove the dump plug to drain the oil, i got one from a motor factors for 11 quid

    why do you want to change all the fuses

    You would need quite a few tools and I doubt you could get them all for under 20 notes. A good start would be a half decent socket set.

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    ok, can you recommend me a socket set? Pretty please? 1/4"? is that the standard?

    sounds like you havent a clue

    Try ]this search string in toolshopdirect.


    sounds like you havent a clue

    He means that for cars 1/2 drive socket set would be better. 1/4 is okay for smaller nuts and bolts but not larger ones. You will also need to buy some WD40, some open ended spanners and a Haynes manual......

    Aldi or was it Lidl were doing some tools cheap including a trolley jack for £2.50. If you are going to be working under the car or doing work on the brakes, axle stands are more preferable to a pile of bricks.......

    Most jobs are fairly straight forward but changing/renewing brake fluid and bleeding it can be a bit of a burger at times....

    you also need a thingiemabobie to bleed the brakes.. . . . . . .my mind has gone after a sleepless night :lol:


    As well as the tools mentioned before:-
    If your car uses petrol you will need a spark plug socket.
    Also an oil filter wrench.
    You WILL spill used oil so if where you are doing the job needs to be kept clear of oil spills you need a good cover.
    A bucket to drain oil into.
    Throw away gloves for removing the filter and drain plug.
    Also Gearbox oil level plug tool.
    Keep the new oil container to put the old oil into and take to the tip where you can dispose of it propperly.

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    Thanks everyone! Great help all repped except wickedteen

    Get hold of any old Haynes manual or a one specifically for your car ,because in the front of the book it will give you a list of tools you should have . A good place to buy reasonably priced tools is toolmart .........I think it's toolmart .............a red building in most towns , they do a catalogue too . I 've had quite a few things from them over the years .
    Things that are a must are :
    Axle stands , trolley jack ,torque wrench ,a metric socket set [ AF set might be handy too] ,wire brush , work light . theres a few to start .

    I've done a fair amount of DIY mechanics, however when i started out about 15yrs ago cars were so simple, a carburettor replaced by ECU and injectors, a strobe light and a dwell meter replaced by an expensive computer and regular expensive updates to interrogate the ECU.
    So is diy mechanics possible on such a small budget?........probably not, however i agree with another respondent lidl's and Adli do provide fairly good quality tools at a very small outlay, however be aware that a trolley jack for £12.50 is of limited use but far better that the car manufactures jack, be aware a inexpensive trolley jack will lower with time if a car is above it, not a good ideal if you're under the car, axle stands should be used as a fail-safe £7 upwards. A 1/2 socket set is a good idea, go for one with metric only sockets, I can't remember using imperial sockets. WD40 a must at about £2 a can it will get you out of "sticky" situations.
    Finally for a minimum outlay of £20 i suggest you look at the easy things to look after with a car such as tyre pressures, windscreen wipers, bulbs( can be difficult on some cars to replace) and regular oil and filter changes.
    Hope this of been of some help, don't expect to fix a diesel engine which has suffered cambelt failure which I have completed recently, but we all have to start somewhere
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