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    I am looking for recommendations of a decent set top aerial for a portable tv with a freeview box.Whilst my current aerial works(I get great reception on the bbc channels) it does not seem to find many of the channels that should be available to me.

    I am in a good freeview area(winter hill) but do not have a roof aerial connection for this particular set.

    Any advice and recommendations gratefully received:)


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    Any thoughts,guys?:)

    freeview currently comes down in different bands with each having 6 or 8 channels, your current aerial is picking up the band that has bbc etc, other bands carry sky news/sky sport news etc, so you need a wideband aerial to get them all.
    i think you should go for a proper freeview aerial, it could be mounted in the loft (as u have a strong signal) rather than outside. will be worthwhile in the long run as other features will be added, set top aerial will not be good enough to pick up all signals.
    i got one from ebay around £25 delivered.


    I've got 2 freeview boxes in my bedrooms and i bought 2 of these Total Control Freeview Indoor Aerials from Argos for £14.99 and i get all the channels, plus the picture is perfect on most of the channels, only a few channels are bad but all i do if i want to watch one of the bad ones is move the aerial, hope this helps.


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    Thanks for the replies guys:)

    I know what you are saying about the loft aerial,however,the tv isn't really used that much,just something to watch while having a meal(I know,conversation should really be taking place!) and the tv is on an inside wall so a bit inconvenient to have an aerial lead go to it.

    The argos one I will bear in mind,looks a bit spindly but as you have personal experience of it,that is always a good indicator.

    Rep given:thumbsup:

    This is the one I use Telecam TCE2000 Wideband Indoor Aerial £9.99 from ]Argos

    Wether an aerial works is going to be dependant on local conditions i.e. where you put it, interference from other appliances etc so a bit of trail and error will be called for as different aerials will work better in different situations.

    For this reason it will be better to get it from somewhere where you can return it if it's no good eg. Argos, that is what I did and the one I am now using was my third attempt, the other two having been returned for a refund
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