set top aerials and freeview

    can anyone tell me if i have to have a roof mounted aerial to get a freeview reception for kids rooms or do any of the other set top booster ones come strong enough to get it. have sky as is but not in cable area. any advice or recommendations appreciated.


    To be honest i had the same problem i tried all methods, boosters and ariels and all sorts and spent a lot of money in the end i just got so fed up i bought a ariel and cables and fitted it in the loft and fed it through trunking into all three bedrooms.Works perfectly and no complaints from the family in the end it only took a day and solved the problem:)


    It depends on how strong the Freeview signal is in your area. My sister lives in a really strong area and gets 51 channels off a cheap set top aerial. Whilst I live in a poor fringe area and have got an aerial the size of a mini pylon strapped to my house.


    Possibly, we changed to a digital aerial in the loft and have a 4 way connector from which the leads go down into the bedrooms. We didn't a roof mounted one nor a booster box. There is a website (I'll see if I can find it) which will tell you if freeview is available in your area etc. If you've got sky though, I'd have thought it'd be okay. Just need to possibly make sure the loft aerial is a digital one.

    Try this site, to check your freeview reception -…htm

    It depends how good your area is for Freeview reception, People report that indoor booster aerials work fine but that certainly isn't the case for me, I have a really good wideband aerial in my loft and a really good booster with a two outputs. It just picks up a reasonable signal, Not brilliant and every so often it breaks up a little but in general 99% of the time it's fine.

    Some of the cheap freeview boxes aren't very good with weak signal's though, I've got a Sony Freeview box and that's really good for poor signals. I've tried many freeview boxes in the past and they've all been terrible with the poor signal.

    I've also tried indoor aerials but they've not worked due to my poor reception area.

    My advice check your coverage here: ]http//ww…ity and get an indoor booster aerial from Argos and try it. If it doesn't work for your area just take it back for a refund.

    Also if you want to try cheap freeview boxes, Do the same...!!!

    I also have an Hauppauge freeview tuner in my pc and that's pretty good.

    My post code says 'no digital reception' , but I get Freeview fine (split to two boxes) from an old aerial in the loft and no booster. I would ask you neighbors what their reception is like and what aerial they use because you could spend a lot of money on an installation you don't need.

    My post code says Most popular channels available and that once the digital switch over happens I should receive them all.

    I can confirm I do currently receive them all, But like I say in my earlier post I have to use a decent aerial and booster.

    Also when the digital switch over happens then the signal should get stronger as it's only broadcast at half rate currently.

    We've got a digital aerial and 4 way booster in the loft and we get every freeview channel currently available. No problems with it at all

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    great guys that helps a lot, will check it all out. seasons greetings folks.
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