Set Top Box?

    Anyone know where i can find the cheapest one at?


    Ok... so I ordered this one from Amazon at £21.99…613
    It received a good customer rating so I thought "why not!".

    The first one came and didn't work - i plugged it in and it found all the channels but there was a component error and the sound didn't work. So I filled in the returns form on Amazon and they gave me a free postage printout and immediately dispatched another via one next day delivery before they'd even received the duff one! What a fantastic returns policy!! I am so impressed.

    Anyway, back to the point, this one is great! The picture quality is great, the box is incredibly easy to set up, it allows me to see whats on for the next 5 days or so and I can easily delete any channels I don't want to watch (QVC etc) so my channel list isn't cluttered. It also comes complete with scart and aerial leads and has 2 scart sockets on the back. I'm really impressed.

    Stupid me!
    Hehe I was having a real "brain drain moment there wasnt I!

    I will go sit in the corner for a while...

    Won't get Freeview though.

    Ive deleted my suggestion termite, now going off to sit on my hands ;-)

    going off to sit on my hands

    Don't do that Mike. We can't have you suffering from pins and needles in the morning.
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