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    Does anyone out there with a set top box have little or no reception the second there's a bit of bad weather? Some days I can only view the BBC channels, Sky News and Sky Sports News and yesterday I could only receive BBC2 (Bloody Winter Olympics)!!!

    I did buy a cheap £30 box from Asda.


    i have a goodmans freeview box and lately most of the channels have been really bad - but if i keep pressing the channel up/down i eventually get them!?

    the sound and picture of some channels (e.g. channel 4) also break up constantly and often make watching unbearable.

    some channels are perfect!!

    very odd.

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    Channel 5 seems to be the worst for me, and it always seems to exceptional bad on Tuesday nights (CSI night).

    I end up unplugging the box and watching grainy programmes through my normal aerial.

    Mine used to be like this until I bought a digital cable with filters.

    Digital Co-Axial Cable Fully Shielded

    I can't guarantee it'll work for you, but it cured the problem with my Freeview box.

    thankuuuuuuu will have 2 try it!


    The mistake that most make is to try using the same old aerial they used/still use for analogue tv. The freeview signals are on different frequencies to the analogue as not to clash and it may be that you have a real good signal for analogue but the aerial is not "tuned" for freeview so you get a bad picture on some freeview channels but real good ones on others that the aerial works well for.
    Go see a local aerial erector and ask him to come fit you a wide band digital aerial and some good quality downlead (coax), you may also need a masthead preamp if you are in a weak signal area for freeview.
    If your aerial has been up for some years it may have shifted postion so its not optimum anyway and the downlead outer gets perished by sunlight causing it to split and allow water in when it rains. Just this water ingress will attenuate the signal so much that some freeview signals will not be available to you at those times.
    Although some transmitters have increased the power of their freeview signals in the past couple of years they are still running relativly low power due to them not wishing to cause problems with the current analogue transmisions. Once the big switchover to freeview only happens they can boost the output so everyone can have 10-10 signals, until then you need to look to the aerial and downlead to get the most from it.
    Having said all that...phew! Some set top boxes are better at getting the most out of weak signals as well. But the aerial/downlead IS the most important thing to deal with first.

    i used the same aerial on a connection to a freeview box downstairs and that was fine...

    i've only had the problem since i got this new box



    i used the same aerial on a connection to a freeview box downstairs and … i used the same aerial on a connection to a freeview box downstairs and that was fine...i've only had the problem since i got this new box

    Try the new box downstairs?

    Have you just run a coax upstairs recently for the freeview on a splitter of some sort, or did you always have a tv upstairs. As I said some boxes are better recievers than others too.

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    Crikey, sounds like a bit of work neeeds doing at my aerial. It has been on my roof since I moved there back in 1984. Looks like I need a New Wide Band Digital Aerial with a Digital Co-Axial Cable “Fully Shielded”. Saying that, I might buy get Sky Digital. It could work out cheaper!

    If you buy Sky Digital GMC1001, do it through QuidCo before the 28th


    CURRENT OFFER (exp Feb 28, 06): Sky will be offering new customers a £10 … CURRENT OFFER (exp Feb 28, 06): Sky will be offering new customers a £10 credit to their account when they join online. This is on top of the 3 months half price, free equipment and free installation they are currently offering.For genuine tracked transactions completed wholly online, you can earn: £50 for each new subscriber

    Looks like the first three months would cost you nothing in effect. The cashback should be there by the end of those three months via QuidCo, £10 into your Sky account too and half price savings.

    Has anyone used this offer through QuidCo?

    We bought a huge £40 aerial from Argos when we first got our bot. It must have been about 6 feet across and we thought "wow!! that should to the trick" but it was rubbish. The £8.99 one we replaced it with was just crystal clear, so there's no telling really.

    i work for BT SETPAL freeview box and we've had quite a few queries over the last 3 weeks or so in regards of deteation of picture also the box malfunctioned, it turned out to be the current updates were recking the box and not even an engineers reset (i.e select then the colours left to right then pressing 1 to confirm) could fix this, the only message that i could give them is to try another freeview on the ariel to finalise testing!
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