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Can anyone recommend a good one at a good price? We had a wharfedale from Argos but it kept cutting out so we took it back to argos and yet it was recommended in Which? magazine.


One of my xmas prezzies was a digibox from Asda,the Onn set top box,I think this retails for £29.99 and so far so good,considering it is being used with a set top aerial.
Asda also do a durabrand set top box,which my friend has,for £24,and she has had no problems thus far.

The one i have is my first experience with digiboxes,so maybe someone with more experience can help you further.:)

I've ordered one of these from Amazon for £22: ]Digihome DVB915
It gets 4 stars so I guess I'll wait and see when it arrives

I bought a Sagem Freon Argos about 2 years ago and that too kept freezing/cutting out.

I exchanged it for the Hitachi (£5 more and the software was not only 100% stable but a pleasure to work with).

Since then I can't comment as soon after I bought a tv with freeview built upstairs (which is where this was). I think a lot of freeview boxes are down to the company that provides the software for the box and not actually the company that builds the box.

For example, I know for sure that the software that came with the Sagem was also on a few other different suppliers boxes, my Hitachi box had different software and it was the same software as my fathers yet his box was a Phillips I think. Not 100% sure of his make but I think you get my drift.

If a box keeps freezing or cutting out then it's 99% certain it's the software, just check who does the software for your current box and make sure you buy one with more reliable software. i.e. Do a google search, or check your model umber over at avforums and ask them to point you to a cheap company that does a box with different software.
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