Posted 26th Jun 2019
Is it possible to receive an alert when a new deal is posted, e.g. in the Micro SD group or just in the new section.
I would like to set one up if possible for any new 256GB post

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    Actually, that's not as clear as it could be.
    Click on your profile picture to the left of the +Submit
    Click on Alerts on the dropdown
    Click on Manage Alerts
    Enter the keywords for instance Kettle or less broadly the make or model though this relies on the poster actually putting that detail in the post. (edited)
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    jco8326/06/2019 23:01

    Yes you can set a 'keyword alert'

    I can't find this either, how to you set up a keyword alert ?
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    Totally agree that the Manage Alerts feature needs to be more prominent. UI / UX team: Make it easily accessible from the settings icon / profile page.
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    Yes you can set a 'keyword alert'
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    Bit late as far as responses are concerned but as they say, better late blah blah blah
    From the help section:
    To receive an alert for each new deal corresponding to a product you are looking for, simply go to your profile settings on the "My Alerts" tab. Enter a keyword (for example "PlayStation" or "PS4") and adjust the notifications you want to receive for that particular keyword. You’ll need to be logged into your account to create multiple alerts and to manage them.
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    I don't quite understand the hot, hotter etc control
    So you have 4 options

    New (or 0 Degrees)

    Warm (20 Degrees)

    Hot (100 Degrees)

    Super hot (500 Degrees)

    Select one of these and you should be notified when the posted deal hits that level of popularity. Say you have a posted item you are keeping an eye on, crisps for instance, you may not be interested in a post that saves you a few pennies but you are when it saves you a fiver, chances arethe pennies one is likely to only reach a Warm temperature of 20 Degrees, but abox of them saving you a quarter of their original cost may be worth notifying you about and is likely to get Super hot, so the notification will activate when it hits 500 Degrees.

    Anyhow, to boil it down, select the heat level to only be notified when the deal is popular at that level, saves getting loads of emails or other notifications swamping you.

    Personally, I prefer to leave the setting on 0 Degrees (New (0°)) as I want to know of a deal as soon as possible. (edited)