set up of new moniter help please

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Found 20th Jan 2009
i have a 19" tft tv which i have hooked up to my computer but im not sure what resolution it should be on im in safe mode at the mo please help!!!!!!!!!!!

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1024x768 ?

safe mode is usually 800x600

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can i change it in safe mode?


1024x768 ?safe mode is usually 800x600

you mean 640x480

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now im confused! i am in set up screen as i cant get a picture can i change it from there or is there a way of getting a picture???

what make is it model number but as long as you have not revealed unsafe modes by unticking hide modes this monitor cannot display from advanced / monitor tab settings (see below) DO NOT UNTICK

right click on desktop and choose properties then settings the move screen resolution slider to the most option eg move it right then apply then OK (full right is the highest supported resolution your monitor does [as long as you have not messed with advanced settings as described above] ) it will probably be 1440x900 for your 19"" if it is 16.9 widescreen

if you get out of range/sync unplug monitor waitn 1 minute then plug it back in as in unplug from mains

you can change it in safe mode as long as you have the graphics drivers installed, it may need a restart tho, just go to display in control panel, think its on advanced tab just move the tab over a bit till u reach 1024x768 till u reach the desired screen size

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still cant get a screen where am i going wrong???????????

go to control panel, click system, then hardware tab, then device manager, click the plus sign next to display adaptors,.do u have the graphics drivers installed? if not that could be the reason why, go to the nvidia or ati website and download the latest graphics drivers

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Thanks i have given up cant get any picture at all no start up screen or anything so ive lost the will to try!!!
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