Hi can anyone tell me if I signed up to setanta on 29th November under the free 2 months deal when is the earliest date I can cancel is it 29th December or can I cancel now thanks


    i had a lot of trouble with there customer services and you have to give them 1 months notice but you can cancel any time

    I think its 30 days after you sign up so 29th dec sounds about right.

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    Thanks for your replies I am having a lot of trouble also with there customer services when I cancel never again.

    Be persistant, this company are very hard to part company with! Had terrible trouble cancelling my contract, I'd get it sorted sooner rather than later then cancel your DDebit

    I joined on Nov 24th and decided to cancel my sub tonight (early) as knowing me, I'd forget and end up paying for a full priced month.

    Got through on 0870 050 6950 and was put through to cancellations (after being on hold for 10 mins).

    Cancelled almost without a hitch, only problem being that they said it had a 30 day cancellations period and advised I would be charged on the 24th Jan - however I replied that I had kept the T&Cs and that its said......

    "6. Freeview™ and satellite customers - to cancel with effect from the end of the first 2 months, call Setanta between 26th December 2007 and 15th January 2008. Virgin Media, BT Vision and Tiscali customers, contact your operator.
    7. A 30 day cancellation notice from next billing date required thereafter."

    .....with which he put me on hold, came back a minute later and admitted his mistake and that I would be cancelled with no charge.

    Of course cancelled my Direct Debit online just to be sure!

    PS Wasnt offered anything to stay - he obviously wanted to get off home as it was after 9pm!
    PS Im posting this in other forums Im a member to in case anyone else needs a reminder!
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