Setanta help please..

    I gather they are the only channel showing the England match, which is wrong IMO.
    I am debating whether to subscribe to it (reluctantly) but i relise you have to pay a one off £20 to start.
    How easy is it to cancel your subscription and how much notice would I need?

    Thanks in advance.


    i have never had any problem unsubscribing before.....a lot to pay for one game though!!
    have you got any mates that have it that you could go round to?

    Can't you watch it in a Happy Hammers pub Skusey?

    use the footy as an excuse to get in 'the bear' in town to watch it,

    drinks + footy = profit :thumbsup:

    or watch it on your PC

    There is footie on it too if you DARE to not cancel it.........
    But like the post before - I would be tempted to get a couple of cheeky jars down my gizzard....

    Setanta are shocking, i and most people have had problems trying to cancel.
    In the end we just had to cancel the direct debit.

    We renewed with them again for the footy last season (must be mad) and they tried to charge us for 2 months worth of our old contract !! Told them to stick it and i wasn't going to pay for it and did they want my business. They wiped it clean eventually but i'm in the same boat, i wanted to cancel as soon as the season ended but realised the england games are only on setanta, so it's catch 22.

    Might be cheaper and less hassle to watch it down the pub or with mates.

    Original Poster

    where can I watch it online?

    Setanta are in big bother financially and have failed to pay the SPL their contract money for showing scottish premier games for this season, the scottish papers reckon they are about to go into liquidation so id avoid signing up with them until we see if someone bails them out.

    Things are worse for them as they have lost half their english premiership allocation of games back to Sky too therefore slashing the advertising revenue they can generate, hence why they cant pay the scottish clubs the money they are owed.


    Where is the best place to get it online then

    Id stay away there on the verge of bankruptcy


    Right best deal I can find is via Quidco

    Subscribe on satelitte and get your connection fee for £7.50 if you subscribe online
    You get £15 cashback from quidco
    And can get the first 2 months free by using promo code 2650 so thats the first 2 months for £6.50 a month with connection woohoo!!!…ts/

    Avoid Setanta like the plague.
    Cancelling and general Customer Service is appalling.

    You have been warned. Check on here to see other peoples' thoughts, but they're similar to mine.


    Woohoo just got it!! package as follows and £15 cashback

    £6.50 per month for 2 months (plus £7.50 connection fee) then £12.99 per m … £6.50 per month for 2 months (plus £7.50 connection fee) then £12.99 per month10 sports channels on Satellite half price for two months!


    where can I watch it online?

    Try here later,,,


    Woohoo just got it!! package as follows and £15 cashback

    Well done, just hope they last in business that long for you to get what you have paid for!


    Where is the best place to get it online then

    Try here later,,,

    I get Setanta free with Virgin Media but if there's a footy match on scabby Sky I trawl through till I find it streamed in low def which is good enough for me.

    England v. Kazakhstan is not the most exciting of prospects ... though in the current football drought ..........

    Setanta took me to court for £19:98 (2 Months Subscription) I cancelled a half price package that I had which was £5 per month for 3 months. I gave them 1 Month notice via Email. They responded & accepted my cancellation & advised me to cancel direct debit. They then sent me a letter stating that I had not given them sufficient notice & that cancellation had to be done in writing. I refused to pay the £19:98 so they lumped court costs on top. When my solicitor contacted them & sent them a fax of their email to me accepting the cancellation, they very quickly crawled back into the drains that they evolved from & sent me groveling apologies & since then I am forever getting offers sent to me.

    My thinking is that if they are about to go under, there is no harm in subscribing as you have the right to cancel the direct debit if they breach the contract with you & fail to provide the service that you are paying for.
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