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Found 27th Jul 2007
im looking to get setanta on freeview as they have plenty of newcastle matches on :-D, but will all the prem matches setanta have listed be on that only setanta channel?
how about european footie from ligue 1, bundesliga etc?

and do virgin media only let you buy the tv package only if you buy their phone service? cant find prices for tv only

cheers :santa:
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I dont think you can get it on freeview

Think you have to have a sub like sky etc to get sentanta
You can get Setanta on freeview but you will need the topup tv card slot on your freeview box.
Thats what i mean you cant just get it
Setanta sell them
Just searched google for "setanta on freeview"
A few clicks, took me ]here
Get a freeview box that accepts top-up tv, ie has a card slot and it seems you can get it for £9.99/month.
That's the headline, i am sure there maybe a an activation fee, there *used* to be with top-up tv.


further searching, (you've got me intrigued now lol) took me direct to ]Setanta on freeview.
The above link seems an expensive way to get TopUp TV which has rebranded and become very expensive to new customers. Article ]here

Final one (for now) seems you can get ]setanta online for £7.99/month too
cheers for the replies, i knew i need a cam card and subscription.

freeview only has one setanta channel, so i wanted to know if they will show all the prem and european matches they have been given the license to show on this only channel.
i think on other platforms they play the prem ones on setanta sports 1 and european ones on setanta sports 2
Ah, i see what ya mean and i don't have a definitive answer BUT, i would guess that it depends on kick-off times.
Have a look at the schedule and see if any kick-offs overlap, if so, that might help answer your question
Get BT Vision if your a BT Total Broadband customer. It's canny like. BT do good retention deals using this as a sweeter if your out of contract, If your in contract I think it's only about £30-50 installed. They have setnata plus BT vision sport, which shows delayed coverage.
Thanks for this discussion it reminded me that I had a cam adaptor and card that I bought new and only used for two weeks before getting sky. So looked it up for price guide on Top Up Tv site and saw that they were hard to get. Straight to the auction site now:-D
What's one of those Prissymiss? That mean you can use a card on a box with no card (originally)?
The Cam adaptor slots into my IDTV and the viewing card goes into that. Thus not needing a separate box.
Oh right, thanks
Was hoping for a way to use a card without getting a new box
Thanks mug51 and ajm007. I am now going to easily make my money back on this tv cam and card thanks to your thread jogging my memory. Rep left:thumbsup:
found this thread after might be better posting here,

Hi , can someone please help me with this,

i have a Sony Bravia KDL32S2030U , this has a card slot for top up tv ect,

can anyone please tell me what the freview number is for the tv which has the the built in freview??????

ive been looking at getting setenta sports package for this, £9.99
(+ activation fee), a month, mainly for the prem games, i dont have top up tv or a card,

which starter kit do i need, out of these?…htm

also i have a tuxedo meastro card does anyone know if this could be used to subscribe everymonth?

thanks for your help
I was in Tesco's today and they had Setanta Freeview boxes for £40 that included a Setanta viewing card that had the first months free.
anywhere in shops not online you can buy the cam + setup pack?
only place other than direct from setanta i found is argos which i assume you have found.
i believe its the package titled 'Setanta Sports Conditional Access Module for Digital TV'
For those of you that have an IDTV ( telly with built in Freeview ) check your set it may well have a CI slot that will take a Cam for Setanta ( old Top Up TV Cam ), you only need to push the cam in the CI slot, put your Setanta Card in sorted.

Most IDTV's have the CI slot at the back.
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