Setanta sports 2 months free (that was posted a while back)

Found 25th Jan 2008
I signed up on the 24th of november for the 2 months free trial.

I canceled 1 month later. They told me the viewing would be cut on the 24th of january.

They cut the viewing off a week earlier than they said and to rub salt into my wounds ive just got a statement from my bank yesterday saying they've charged me 9.99. I wouldnt mind but the channel isnt even switched on!

anyone else had this problem ?

They have told me to write to complain but is there anyway to do it over the phone ? they must have had over £5 in phone calls out of me as well.

The worst example of customer service I have ever seen.
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I just got charged the same. I haven't had time to check if the channels are still on though.

Looks like their biling department is not talking to their cancellation department. Left hand and right hand, and neither knowing what the other is doing!

I am going to see later today and then phone them, and threaten court action, because it's fraud really, but I'll give them another month to sort out their mess before I start asking round what I can do legally.

i cancelled the diirect debit when i phoned to cancel just to make sure....
let me know what they say.

I cant believe they get away with things like this.

Funny thing is I tried to cancel 1 day earlier (than my 1 month notice) and they said I had to ring back the next day coz they can only process it after a month.

they wont last 2 minutes next to sky

i cancelled the diirect debit when i phoned to cancel just to make … i cancelled the diirect debit when i phoned to cancel just to make sure....

just done that now lol

but i want my 9.99 and my phone call costs back. Im gonna ring them and ask to speak to a manager.
I took up the national newspaper campaign that satanta ran in November,£1 for 2 months trial period,cancel 28 days prior to the 2 month if not taking up subscription.Received card and box through post at end of November, set up the sagem box and well to say it was a poor picture is an under statement, the sound was fluctuating, and even losing the picture at times.Contacted satanta eventually after about six attempts and they said it was the scart lead being loose(rubbish) tried a gold scart lead ,no difference.To top it all they had debited the £1 for the service but also debited £40 for the box (which you can get in tesco for £20),the cheek of them.
Sent the whole lot back pronto, got a free post address from them, have now got a refund of £39 so think I got awayfairly unscathed by comparison of some horror stories I have heard.
How do these companies get away with such poor service!!:
what address did you write to?
yeah I took up this deal. Reception was rubbish.

Cancelled after 1 month and also cancelled my Direct Debit at my bank just in case.

Good job cause I keep getting texts and letters telling me that I owe them continued subs.

I have phoned up 5 times to tell them that I cancelled many months ago so stop hassling me, but they still continue.

Awful customer service.

Would never try them again.
if you took this offer then check your bank statrements !!, just discovered they have been taking the subscription even though I cancelled well within the notice period
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