Setanta sports for £5 a month

Found 3rd Mar 2008
Just thought i'd share this with anyone who's currently subscribed to setanta sports.

I took out a subscription with them just before christmas as it was on offer for £5 a month for the first 3 months and was then supposed to be £10 a month, but there was no annual contract.

So after the 3 months was up i just cancelled my direct debit to them, they then phoned me today to say they had no payment details for my account to which i replied i wanted to cancel as i wasn't going to pay £10 a month.

The guy then agreed to give me the next 3 months for £5 and then i had the option to cancel it then (whch i will cause the football seson will have finished by then.)

So anybody who is paying £10 a motnh it's worth either calling them or just cancelling your direct debit payment
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wouldn't touch them with a barge pole
They kept fobbing me off when I tried to cancel, trying to offer me it for £5 a month too, a good deal if you watch more than 5 mins worth a month (I didnt and cancelled)

good to know for others tho
Ha - i thought it was only me!! I was approached by CPW/house in October to change package, and as part of the offer i could get satanta sports (with free digibox) for 2 months free trial. Even though i had explained to the salesperson that no-one watched sports, i thought we could try it - it was free after all. I understood that the free trial would end in mid Jan 08, however not only did 1 but 2 payments were taken out of the bank in the first week of Jan. i have spent hours waiting on hold to Satanta (CPW have washed their hands of the 'deal' ) and have had numerous letters from them wondering why any further payments haven't been forthcoming (maybe 'cos i cancelled any more payments from the bank!!) Apparently my email notification to cancel the contract was not sufficient and they cannot understand the concept that....as i have never registered to activate the account (which i never had any intention of taking beyond the 'trial' period) - so why should i have to pay for thier flaky service? The bloke who phoned from Satanta did try and placate me by saying that they could offer my a further 3 months extended trial so that i could watch the Kawasaki fight(?) I would not recommend them to anyone 5.00 per month is just NOT worth the hassle!!:x
the call center number for cancellations is always engaged, funny though as the new subscription line is always available........and the CS is ****, took me 2 months to finally cancel only for them to take another £10 out of my account and then cut me off

oh and the £10 per month is false advertising, as it neglects to tell you that theres a £10 connection charge
I cannot believe these idiots are still around im sure its illegal what there are doing regarding cancelling the contract. They took money from my account even though i canceled still waiting for it to be credited back to my account 6 weeks later. Don't even use setanta even if its free for a month or so as you will end up with a headache and out of pocket.
I cancelled my subscription by a letter sent by recorded delivery and I received a written acknowledgement with some offer to stay on. The channels went off on time but I notice another direct debit went out soon after. Anybody have any advise on the best way to arrange a refund?
Hi guys,

I signed up in November 2007 for a free 2 months trial with Setanta Sports, it clearly stated in the terms and condition that you can cancel the free trial as long as it is before 15th Jan:

6. Freeview™ and satellite customers - to cancel with effect from the end of the first 2 months, call Setanta between 26th December 2007 and 15th January 2008. Virgin Media, BT Vision and Tiscali customers, contact your operator.

I cancelled on the 11th Jan. However, they still took £10 out of my bank account, I rang up several times only to be speaking to ignorant phone operators, who keep telling different things, lieing, and making things up. Eventually, they told me to write to their headoffice in Kirkcaldy in Fife to ask for a refund. They told me lots of customers have had this problem and you're not kidding. Ive been on lots of websites like moneysavingexpert.com and I found there are thousands of customers have been scamed by Setanta Sports.

After nearly 3 months, I received a letter back today saying this:

Thank you for your recent correspondence. I can confirm that your account has been reviewed and no billing errors have occurred, therefore, no refund will be offered.

That is a complete lie, as they all told me that theres been a mistake with their system and now there's not a mistake and they're not refunding me?!?!?

Luckily I cancelled my Direct Debit after January, so the most they could have scammed off me was £10.

I have wrote to BBC Watchdog and I know alot of people also, so if other people here have had the same problem, please do the same and write to BBC Watchdog. Companies like Setanta Sports should not be operating.

Thank you.
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