Setanta....has anybody tried to contact them lately..

    Has anybody tried to contact setanta lately.Every time i ring i just get told they are busy and to ring back.....20 calls later and still no contact.Emailed them on response.Was trying to cancel my subscription,giving the required 30 days notice.My subscription was until 13th sept and now it looks like i will have to pay for the next month.I took up the 3 month for 1 deal at £15 a month.Will i get charged £15 for the next month or will i get charged £9.99,the price that is now being touted for their service?

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    Send a cancellation letter by recorded delivery, keep a copy of it and the COP, and complain in the letter about being unable to contact them by other means. My guess is they will try to charge you for the extra month (at the £15 rate) but if you kick up enough fuss they should refund it.
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