Setting parental controls on an established Xbox One account

    My son has an Xbox One which he had last year, he is coming to the age where he is curious about games which may not be appropriate, so I thought it was best to put some parental controls... (I also fancied a game of GTA without him being able to play it) -

    Problem is, I can go into his live account and change the PEGI ratings etc, but he could also change it back if he wanted to, so I checked online and it said I needed to use adult and child accounts, which I have done, but the same issue remains. Surely it is not this hard or am I missing something?

    I don't want to delete all the accounts because he has his gamer progress on there, any advice appreciated!


    Call the xbox helpline on 0800 587 1102. I find them to be really helpful and will talk you through anything that can be done.


    You can set a passkey but I think he will need to enter it each time to log in which defeats the purpose. How is he going to play said games if he doesn't have them? Also if he knows how to change the settings back he is clearly not that young, I was playing GTA when I was 7 killing every pedestrian in sight. I turned out fine, its not people from the UK that go and shoot up schools remember.
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