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Found 9th Feb 2008
Am thinking about setting up a simple web-site and using it to display some ads, wondering who's best to use for hosting? Obviously I'd love something free but not sure if they put their own ads on then which might stop me being able to put my own ads on or stop me being accepted into the programs?

Am looking for companies who pay to display ads on your web-site and have come across two so far,


Anyone have any comments about these or any other suggestions of other companies who pay to display ads on your site???


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google adsense pay you as well

Sounds good, thanks!

EDIT - Looks like you need alot of people clicking to make any real money, may look at it more in the future. The others that I posted day you get paid a set amount just for having the ads on your site.

I use adsense and I am hosted with ] (cheap). You could try MS live which is currently on the front page where you get £5 quidco and you also get a free domain name which would normaly cost you about a £5, not sure if they put their own adds on the site tho.
To be able to earn serious money from adds you need alot of visitors, dont think that if you just build it they will come. Its taken me 2 years to get 200 visitors a day. Having a good website takes up ALOT of your time.
Heres a good add service where you get paid per impresion instead of click: (never used it, friend has)

Any time an audio ad is played on your website, you WILL be paidThis … Any time an audio ad is played on your website, you WILL be paidThis automated system is brilliant in the way it works as it will surely attract a lot of publishers to register as the money is there to be made with your traffic no matter how small or big it is. In a way, it can encourage one to increase website traffic not only to establish a community with you blog, but to get paid more. As you know adsense give you only for clicks and impressions. All other advertising agencies will pay only for any stipulated action with their ads in your site. But here there is no willful action from the side of the visitor to get paid for the ads. Whenever they visit the site they will hear the ad and the site owner will be paid.The ProgramYou are all free to register and implement the javascript code to your website. Please note though, no ads will be served until 1st february where they will have announced a major search engine as their partner which will hopefully increase their credibility.Why Audio Ads?One of their strongest points are the fact that it appeals to every webmaster that has some level of traffic as he gets paid for every ad impression from every sinngle unique visitor. The ads are unique in the way that it does not take up any space on your website what so ever, infact its excellent because no visitor will have to leave your webpage unlike TTZ Media or Adsense.The company is currently running these ads on 550,000 web pages, because the ad spot is only 5 seconds, complaints have been rare.Theres no fear of having people being banner blind and not clicking ads as no ads are displayed on your site but rather played.

Personally I'd be wary of the two sites you quoted in the original post. The sites don't look very professional and more importantly they don't give any indication/examples of who their advertisers actually are. Hmmm, I'd steer clear for now unless you know someone who has used them successfully.

Most reputable affiliate type sites will manually vet your site before accepting it. They will also refuse to pay out if they think you are in any way cheating (if they say you are sending spam emails, getting your friends and family to click through etc), so tread carefully.

I'd suggest getting a decent site with decent content up and running first then when you have a few visitors think about advertising. If you do get a decent site up and running you will make better money from programs like ]tradedoubler

Decent revenue from advertising will only come from a useful site - believe me I've tried many different ways and I've only ever made decent money from a site that has been going for nine years and has in excess of 8000 members. But if you do find a quick way to do it please let me know!!!

You need to traffic to make any money with any ad agency really.

I can also recommend google adsense, but even with 2 high traffic sites I don't make a fortune. Also a new one I have been using for a week or so is and that's getting some pretty decent results so far, but I can't vouch for it long term.
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