Setting up a website

    Hello All

    I am starting a new business and want to start a website.
    I have read earlier posts but just asking a few questions.
    I need to get as many hits as possible via google etc.
    I have chcked out 123.reg and looked at a .com for £99 for 10 years.
    Then checked out and they say they will give me a free domain for life and host for £1.98 a month for 2 years.

    Order Summary

    » Hosting: Just Host Unlimited
    » Instant Account Activation: INCLUDED FREE!
    » Account Setup: INCLUDED FREE!
    » Domain Registration: INCLUDED FREE!
    » Anytime Money Back Guarantee:
    » £75 Marketing Credits: INCLUDED FREE!

    I am not a guru in this and just wondering ..

    A Easy to set up with thjs firm ??
    B What are marketing costs ??
    C So am I right in thinking this will cost ( £1.98 * 120 months ) = £237.60 for 10 years
    whereas £99 10 year domain reg + monthly hosting somewhere else ??

    Thanks all


    i would check out

    pretty easy to set up and include the google tools. can pay via paypal and stuff so secure.

    Original Poster

    So many options to choose at godaddy

    Ended up with a £800 quote lol

    buy a domain for £2.99 per year (less for bulk years), then buy the hosting from someone like [url][/url], and then get someone seperate to the seo (google ranking)... i can give you some help on this

    what sort of site do you want as the more complicated site will mean a more powerful hosting package

    also do you need a .com domain (selling outside of the uk?) also only buy british based servers (not godaddy etc) as you won't get a good google rating (as the godaddy servers are US based)

    You could go through…gb/

    £10 cashback for a sale

    Costs £9 for a domain with hosting

    = Free website plus £1 profit!

    I wouldn't recommend, I don't like their control panel and you can only use 1 domain per hosting package.

    Original Poster

    Have got a domain now, so onwards to hosting ...

    £29.98 2 years for 2 domains


    they have a good basic package at £20 per year - fast UK servers and great bunch to deal with. They will walk you through many things and always seem to answer email fast.

    Original Poster

    Okay .. up to now I tried [url][/url] and they suggested someone to design my site as the one I had done was not up to scratch but tried a few times and gave up on contacting them so decided to try elsewhere.
    I am now going to go with this firm [url][/url] . they are going to design a unique website ( no templates ) 3 pages, a high resolution vector image for my future use as well, seo, 1 years hosting, google tracking code, £199.
    Fingers crossed into the www we go.

    Original Poster

    Hello All

    Just thought I would drop a line about where I am up to.
    My web site looks like this
    It was designed and all hosting sorted out by [url][/url] and it was an absolute bargain ( ask for Paul he was brilliant ! ). Now just waiting for Mr Google to make me HUGE :thumbsup:
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