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    Recently had problems with my WiFi Max which did not like Vista! Which I just I am left without the net on my laptop and the PS3...which I am not happy about..

    So need to get it sorted ASAP!

    I went on eBuyer to look for a router but there is an option Access Point? or DSL router..I thought they would have to be the same thing due to the router to which the PC is attached to acts like an access point?! but then it asks for DSL router

    So I wanted ot know that Im currently running a DSL connecting (Virgin Media) so what do I need and what should I be looking for which will be compatible with my Vista PC and be able to share my files and most importantly the net connection with my Laptop and PS3 and be easy to install???

    Obviously in the most economical way possible LOL

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    I guess an ADSL modem + wireless router (a.k.a ADSL wireless gateway) is what you mean. However there should be zero Vista compatibility problems at that end (or certainly nothing a new router would fix, unless the things broken completely, in which case it wouldn't be a Vista specific problem), networking (even wireless) is based on international standards so unless your router isn't standards compliment (WiFi 802.11a/b/g or n in this case), which I doubt these days, the problem is much more likely to be on your Vista machine (probably a driver issue with the machines wireless hardware) and there's no way that should knock out anything else unless you have an odd network configuration?
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