Setting up a wireless router help wanted please.

    I am with Telewest broadband, they came round and installed a router via Cable - Motorola SB5101E.

    I have a Netgear DG834G wireless to install.

    I haveno idea where to start, does anyone have a step by step guide that could help please ?

    Any input appreciated.

    Thanks.... JON


    This might help: ]http//ww…spx

    I'll look for some more shortly or someone else might have time to explain it to you in easy to follow instructions

    The instructions that come with the router usually provide a quick set up option. The important thing is to get the basic connection set up then ensure it is secure by doing things such as only allowing certain MAC addresses to access the network (each piece of harware has an individual one, but this can be breached) setting up WEP (basically password for system) etc. The follwing discusses using a pocket PC but a home computer/laptop is the same principle…tml

    Do remember to unplug your cable modem for about an hour so it will 'forget' your MAC address and could learn a new one. Unless of course you want to use MAC clone feature (not sure if Netger can do this).

    Follow the quick start instructions you get with the router they do work, I setup this same router for a friend. He now has a fully working 2PC and 1Laptop network all sharing Telewest. I also used WEP to secure the network @ 128bit encryption.

    For security sake the wireless isn’t on out of the box, but the quick guide does say that and how to set it up.

    Original Poster

    [SIZE=2]Thanks all.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Where can I get hold of a copy of those quick start instructions ?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]I ain't got em !!![/SIZE]
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