Setting up alerts for newly posted deals

Posted 22nd Nov 2018Edited by:"screamingninja"
Is there any way of setting up notification alerts (sound or pop up) for newly posted deals, either on android or on the pc. If so, how do i go about this?
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If you have the hukd app then yes it makes a sound when a new post with your keyword gets posted, it also makes a noise when someone your following posts a new deal.
Thanks. I have that working already but is there a way of having a notification for all newly posted deals and maybe also the hukd app refreshing so they appear on the 'new' page without having to click on 'refresh' ?
I don’t think so as that is basically what the deals page is for. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you.
Your phone wouldn't stop if it went off with every new deal. Personally I just have keywords set up when they reach certain heat
Edited by: "madnlooney" 23rd Nov 2018
Aye, that's true especially today I've just set up some more keywords for stuff i want
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