Setting up an Apple iPhone

I am very knowledgeable on Windows and Andriod but never used an Apple iPhone.

A relative of mine (who is NOT very computer literate) has on old iPhone 4 but just bought an iPhone 7 and he wants to copy all the data (contacts, photos, messages etc) from the 4 to the 7.

He says he is going to drop both phones off at my house tomorrow while he goes out for the day so I can get it done. Hence I thought I would do some research first.

I have read the various articles on the internet about doing it with iCloud or iTunes and it keeps mentioning logging on with an Apple id.

Do you HAVE to use an Apple ID when setting up a new Apple phone? In other words will he already have an Apple ID?

I know he uses Gmail on his phone and I am not sure he has an Apple ID, so do I NEED an Apple ID to copy all this data to iCloud or iTunes and restore it to the new phone or can it be done without setting up an Apple ID.

p.s. He MAY have an Apple ID but he is not the most organized of people so even if he has he may not know what it is.


i think new phones require it, older ones may not.
they *should* have an account if they download apps or use iCloud - i think it's a requirement
i know what you mean about helping someone who is disorganised remembering passwords etc!! nightmare!!
the apple ID can be anything e.g., etc, and not necessarily or (but it may well be). and of course the password will be whatever they set it up with when they signed up for the apple account and not their email password (if i had £99 every time I had to explain this, i'd have a viable business!)

transitioning from an old phone to a new one is very simple and very good - it replicates everything, from settings to content - layout of apps, old messages etc. seamless.
it can be done through the cloud (not an actual cloud) but i prefer doing it through iTunes. one of my backups is ~16gb and i just get the feeling iCloud isn't fully comprehensive by default (and at 16gb you couldn't back it all up in a free account anyway). wired/itunes also should be faster.
plug the phone into a computer, open iTunes, go to the iPhone (look for the symbol), you'll now be on the sync summary page. select 'back up now' and it will back it up. disconnect the phone, plug it back in, go back to the same screen and check it says 'last backed up on xxx' then disconnect, plug in new phone and it will ask if you want to set it up as a new phone or restore from an old one, click restore and it will show you all the available backups. choose the backup from this phone (will be called whatever they called their phone, and should have a timestamp on it). give it some time and when complete, the new phone will be just like the old one!! will have to go through a few basic steps (most importantly signing into apple account and confirming iCloud settings i think, as many other settings will be carried over)

I'd just take it to apple, they do it, just walk in and ask

It will make you glad you use android....

Stick in your Gmail address and you are done!

You'll need his Apple ID and password the transfer process is pretty simple.

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Thanks for all the help.
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