Setting up an wireless access point for first time

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Found 5th Mar 2010
Hi everyone,

looking for some help.

I have a netgear DG834GT router which has been flashed with DGTeam software so can access hidden menus. (I am on Sky BB)

I have enabled wireless bridging on the netgear.

I then have a Belkin F5D7230-4 (vA000uk) which is a DSL router, and according to their manual online you can use this router as an access point.

Now is it as simple as doing those two things, does the ip of my router need to be the same on both?

And then i asume i would get the extra signal of the extended wireless aswell as 3 extra ports (1 connected to main router) when i put the router upstairs?

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If your bridging two routers, it's best done via a wired connection. If you find the router is able to do wireless bridging, it's likely you'll have to drop the security level down to WEP.

Have you followed this…pdf

Some other info here…ss/

You need to set your Netgear for WDS

Sounds like it is possible with WPA encryption. I've tried doing this in the past with DLinks and I had to set to WEP for it to work. Since moved to a wired bridge.

Original Poster

Sorry they will be connected via ethernet cable, the wireless bit i was on about is upstairs my wireless is not great so would like an extender to get better signal aswell as more ports for ps3 and media centre.

Have just done something similar. Best walkthrough i found was this one in very simplistic terms:

]Extending Router - Router

Edit: you may be able to get it to work with wireless, i cant see why not in theory, but i done mine wired so cannot comment on that ;-)
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