Setting up Mulitroom

    Hey i just self installed my Sky+HD box today and i have a spare Sky+ here.

    I was wondering if i wanted to self set up multiroom in my bedroom how much would it cost for an extra viewing card and would sky be willing to give this to me without buying another box or getting an engineer. I already know I will need 2 new input cables and have to pay £10 a month for multiroom, i just dont want to pay the £60 for the engineer to do a simple job.


    If you install the new cabling yourself and hook up the box hen all you will pay is £10 multiroom (and another £10 HD if you want it).

    you can very often get sky to do the install for free as well as giving you new boxes providing you take up the multiroom, plus if you don't have movies or sports you can choose multiroom lite which is only £5 per month hth

    You could always get a free-sat card and use that upstairs then you will save £10 a month, oir just get a video sender to transmit the signal from downstairs

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    i have got movies and sports lol

    i have got a wireless video sender at the minute, unwatchable when someone is on the internet, which is a lot.

    i also want this because i want to watch different channels from the main box
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